Into the Darkness: Episode 1

  • Special Note: This adventure was run in the Papa Gino’s in the Walpole Mall. It was intended that we would meet at Barnes and Noble, but upon arriving ‘the party’ discovered that it was already occupied by a musical act of some sort. We then quickly decided that rather than cancel we would play in Papa Gino’s… and yes there was sauce spilled on a character sheet. Also of note; one ‘party member’ felt sick, went out to get some air, and came back proclaiming he threw up in the trash. To his credit, he continued to play and defeated the final encounter of the evening. … You can’t make this stuff up

Played June 1, 2010

Into The Darkness Episode 1

After meeting with an unlikely patron in the comfort of the party’s favorite tavern, the players were led to an old crypt by the patron’s servant. Led only to believe that their patron wished to eliminate some grave robbery the players pushed the servant for additional information. Through some rough intimidation tactics the players learned that the servant’s master was a powerful vampire and that his real motive was a bit darker. The players learn that this crypt is home to a slumbering vampire and it has recently been disturbed by the Cult of Orcus. He wishes the players to sweep through the crypt and eliminate any signs of the cult.

The players were paid in advance by their dark patron and with a clear threat that if their work was not completed they would gain a powerful enemy; the decision was made to descend into the darkness of the vampire’s crypt.

The stairs were old and covered with a thick layer of dust that showed signs of recent disturbance. Footprints in the dust led to a entry chamber lit by torches illuminating the dank room with an eerie glow. Picking up one of the torches, the party examines their surrounding further discovering that there is a passageway to the left and right of the stairway. Directly in across the room from the stair way stands an enormous set of double doors. These doors are locked in a manner that no forms of thievery or arcane methods could release. Curiously, the door has three distinct runes surrounding it; one to the left door, one to the right, and one above the doorway. Thinking this may be a trigger to unlocking the door, and having no other options at that point in time the party decides to explore the left hallway.

The corridor to the left opened to a small room littered with bones and skulls. The corners of the room have massive piles of bones. Across from the entrance way is another closed door, perhaps leading deeper into the crypt? The party moves along to open the door and as they attempt to open it, the door behind them slides shut. Suddenly, the piles of bones in the front corners of the room begin to animate with an unearthly horror. The party turns to face four zombies and though they defeat them with ease, more zombies continue to arise from the piles. As the party wades through a continuing zombie swarm, they slowly realize that no zombies have come out from the rear bone piles. They realize that it is due their positioning, and that they have been standing on the rear piles. Still fighting through, the party positions themselves so that all four of the party members occupy a bone pile. As they do this, the last zombie dies and both doors suddenly become unlocked and slide open.

The doorway leads to a second room, this one larger than the first. Across from the doorway, the party recognizes a rune on the wall. It matches the one they saw earlier on the left side of the great door. Clearly, this must be the trigger point, but it could not be as simple this… could it? Sensing no danger, the party proceeds further into the room and walks over to the rune. At that point, the warrior realizes that he just stepped on a strange stone, but it is too late. Forming from the mist in the back of the room are two ethereal crossbows. The crossbows fixate themselves on the healer and while he sustains a moderate amount of damage, the others in the party go to work disabling the crossbows. It isn’t long before the party is able to dismantle the magical crossbows. They pause a moment to rest and can’t help but think that this has been almost too easy. At that moment, something else catches the collective eye of the party. Under the rune, lies a strange inscription. It appears to be in Elvish. A number of the party members are able to read the writing; it spells the word ‘Five’. To add to the mystery, underneath the Elvish script are the numerals ‘I, II, III, IV’. The party can only assume that this is somehow related to triggering the rune, but how? What needs to be done in order to successfully activate that rune, and what happens if they do not succeed?



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