Into The Darkness Episode 2

Into The Darkness: Episode 2

Played June 8, 2010

Faced with a cryptic puzzle the party mulls over their options. They learn that the numerals I, II, III, and IV will actually somehow unlock the rune if they can only figure out which numerals need to be pressed… and in what order. Would it be most wise to press one numeral at a time, or would it make more sense for the four party members to press all four numerals at that same time? The decision was finally made that all four party members would stand in front of a numeral and press it at the same time. Having done so, the rune lit up with a ghostly glow but that was not all. The door behind them slid shut and once again the realization of a trap sprung set in.

More zombies clawed their way upwards from the floor, manifesting themselves before the party’s very eyes. This time there were no piles of bones to halt the raising of damned, this time there would only be sorcery and steel to resolve the encounter. Fortunately, the party was more than up to the task and the flash of steel and the smell of seared undead filled the senses. Sustaining only a few minor wounds the party felled the zombies and the trapped, closed door once again slid open.

Making their way back towards the original room the party saw the great door now has its left rune illuminated. The only option remaining was to go through the right passageway and face whatever horrors the chamber ahead my hold.

The right passage way quickly led to a large room. The walls all around this room were partially caved in and debris lay in the way. Two large pillars in the center of the room provided a sense of division in this massive space. Members of the party take a moment’s pause after hearing some high pitched noises from above in the high ceiling, but attention is quickly diverted. Before them, barely visible in the dim light were three demonic hounds and still more zombies. None of the monsters had noticed the party yet, and springing into action the warrior rushed in and begun an assault on the demons. Proving to be worthy adversaries, the dogs and zombies fought hard, and slowly the party began to become separated within the room. The warrior was left to his own devices handling multiple zombies and a hellhound, while the remaining hellhounds slowly backed the bard, sorcerer and cleric into a corner. It was then that from the darkness in the ceiling swooped down a shadowhunter bat adding to the assault of undead evil. Blades flashing, and the air smelling of crackling magic the party was slowly wearing down the monstrous horde, until the sorcerer made a heroic, yet terrible miscalculation.

In the heat of the battle, with monsters and allies clumped together the sorcerer let loose a massive fire blast attack wounding enemies, but wounding his comrades more. The bard was rendered unconscious immediately from the magic and the cleric followed suit shortly after from vicious dog bites. Throughout the battle the party had been able to whittle down the zombies and only faced the two severely wounded hellhounds and the shadowhunter. The warrior and sorcerer after some effort were able to fend off the remaining monsters and the party finally safe from any immediate threat collapsed in exhaustion.

Having cleared out any unwelcoming elements from the room, and after reviving the fallen comrades, the group took a look around the room. While looking around the room, the bard delivered a swift blow to the stomach of the sorcerer as a friendly warning to not include him in his wild magic EVER again. The search of the room, however; turned up no clues as to where a corresponding rune may lie. Could the unlocking rune be found in this room, or was there another passage yet to be discovered?



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