Garit Torbel was born to a wealthy merchant family. He was groomed by his father and quickly learned the trade. When he was of age, he began to take over the business and quickly grew the family’s fortune. He became a shrewd businessman and rose rapidly to power and social status. Eventually, Garit met his bride to be and she gave him two sons. Truly, Garit was enjoying life to its fullest. Then it all came crumbling down.

Along with his mercantile fortune came a good deal of jealousy from a rival merchant family. These rivals swore to bring down Torbel’s empire when he arrogantly refused to partner with them. Their first strike was to one of his caravan’s shuttling goods. The caravan was burned to the ground and all goods destroyed. Upon the news of the destruction of his caravan, Garit met again with the rival family. With less bravado, he again denied them their extortionist fees. The vile merchants swore that this mistake would be his last.

Upon departing this meeting and returning home, Garit smelled the unmistakable odor of smoke. Running to his manor, Garit caught a glimpse of a masked man with a demon tattoo on his arm slip into the darkness. Knowing that this man was responsible for the arson, but more concerned with his family’s safety he rushed his home to find it ablaze. Without regard for his own life, Garit searched his home to find any hope of his family. His world was destroyed when he discovered the remains of three bodies, a woman and two boys bound together, their throats slit and corpses left to be consumed by flame. Garit tried desperately to pull his family from the flames, but slowly he began to lose consciousness from the smoke until all was dark.

When he woke, Garit found himself in a room with no view. The room; however, did have bars. Recognizing that he was framed, and overrun with guilt and anger, Garit found himself taking his first step to his new life. When the guards came to deliver food to his cell, Garit surprised the guards knocking them out cold. His escape from the prison was nothing like that of adventure stories. He bull-rushed through the entire prison, and with a lot of luck escaped into the bustle of the marketplace he knew so well disappearing into a sea of people.

The years that followed marked the end of Garit Torbel. His assets seized, he could no longer go by his name, and through his own self loathing wanted nothing more to do with his previous life. Going now by the name of Rook, he is nothing more than a petty thief wandering from town to town. Rook is a broken man with a desire for vengeance, but too shattered to act on it. He steals for food, alcohol and to fuel his biggest vice; an addiction to opium. Rook passes his days drunk and in grief over his lost family. He occasionally will take honest work in a stable or perhaps aiding adventurer’s with his prowess for picking locks and disarming traps, but ultimately he winds up back in the street drunk, drugged and beaten. He has long hoped for a lead on the man with the demon tattoo and a window of opportunity to strike back at the leader of the merchant family who now lives like royalty, untouchable by a serf.


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